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Name Iruid
Status independent
Bandmitglieder 1
Gründung 2006
Genre Urban
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Region -
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Iruid Biografie

I was born in the Swiss City Frauenfeld. I never knew my dad he left me and my mother before my birth. We were poor, we had to live from the money from the welfare work. First I went to school like every kid in this country. But then I was sick of
beeing bullied from the students and the teachers.
So I tailed school. The teacher didn`t care if I was not there. My mother was always working so she didn`t get it (first) as well. So this went well about 3 months. But then the State finally got it and I had to go to a psychiatry for kids. After i had been there for a while, I needed to go to a boarding school. As my uncle died i needed something to get rid of my emotions and aggressions and discovered rap. From the first day I heard rap, I knew I belong behind the mic or at the stage! So I started to rap. First I was whack and didn`t know anything about rap. But then step for step I got better.I learned with every hour I stood behind the microphone. I`m not very good yet but I`m learnin

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